Smart TV

  • Refrigerator specific functions

    What does this refrigerator have that makes it really special and smart?

  • Power Supply

  • Detection

    Do you want a detector that can detect smoke, CO or water?

  • Width in cm

    What is the maximum width of your refrigerator?

  • Learning thermostat

    How does this thermostat learn your patterns? Can it detect motion or do you have to pair every smartphone in the house?

  • Height in cm

    What is the maximum height of your refrigerator?

  • Product choice entry systems

    From smart doorbells to smart locks.

  • Mowing capacity

    How much surface area of ​​grass do you have and which mower suits it?

  • Monthly charges

    Monthly fixed fee or to be used without a subscription.

  • Options / Accessories entry

    What additional options are there?

  • kind of wifi

    Select your type of WiFi and the technology used

  • Specific features WiFi

    What other functions does the router have?

  • USP Wi-Fi

    What makes this product really special?

  • Product selection lamp

    Do you want a separate lamp or a fixture?

  • Bulb power supply

    Does the product have a battery or a plug?

  • Bulb socket

    Which fitting do you need?

  • Package or separate

    Would you rather buy a ready-made package or individual devices?

  • Installation advice

    Do it yourself or have it installed professionally?

  • Line Wiring

    Do you have to dig in a cable first or does the mower know how to drive itself?