Samsung QE43LS03BAUXXU TV 109.2 cm (43″) 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Wi-Fi Black

£ 1.154,63

Brief product specifications

  • 4K UHD LED 100Hz
  • One Connect Box
  • Wi-Fi, bluetooth, AirPlay
  • 4x HDMI

Your painting is a television! Good reviews

Review based on 37 reviews:
Beautiful design, very thin! The newer version in 2022 gives an even better picture in Art mode. For the best sound, you need to connect the soundbar or other speakers. You must request the removable list from Samsung when you have received the TV. Many buyers recommend the (free) installation service!

A TV and artwork in one, no more big black area on your wall. And with the One Connect Box you don’t have all those cables hanging from your TV except for one transparent cable.

With the matte screen, you won’t be bothered by the afternoon sun or lamp reflections on movie night. You can clearly enjoy what is displayed on the screen and experience it as it is meant to be, whether it be art or TV content.

If you want the installation/assembly included, order it online for the best price!

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