IP cameras advice

Advice | 01-09-2022

An IP camera is a camera that communicates via the Internet Protocol (IP), which allows communication within a network. Your IP camera is therefore connected to your network.

The most important choice with IP cameras is what you want to buy them for. Usually you buy an IP camera to keep an eye on your house, but you can also buy it to specifically monitor your baby, pets or something else.

Some IP cameras can distinguish between; vehicles, animals, people and other movement. There are also cameras that can recognize burglary sounds. Both are in any case real premium features for which you either pay extra when purchasing or have to have a subscription.

All the IP cameras we found have 2-way communication, which means you can hear sound and talk through your IP camera.

Most IP cameras that connect to WiFi use the 2.4 GHz frequency. The premium IP cameras that are slightly newer sometimes also use the 5 GHz frequency. These are the Arlo Ultra 2, Ring Floodlight, Nest cam indoor and the Nest cam spotlight.

How does an IP camera get power?

IP cameras are available with a plug, wired without plug, a battery and via a PoE cable. A Power over Ethernet (PoE) cable is a cable that can carry both power and electricity, 1 cable for your camera that guarantees your connection perfectly. These are often the installations that are installed by professionals. An ordinary battery for an IP camera will last a few weeks to a few months, depending on usage. Arlo now offers a camera with an XL battery that should last one year.

What makes an IP camera a security camera?

A real security IP camera offers the possibility to turn on a siren and/or floodlight as soon as there is a detection. The so-called floodlights are more than a spotlight and usually produce around 2000 Lumen, which can produce a powerful construction lamp.

What is a good image quality / resolution for an IP camera

Most IP cameras offer Full HD (1080p) image quality. Full HD image quality is sufficient if you want a clear image up to 10 meters. Some Full HD IP cameras offer extra High Dynamic Range (HDR), which gives more details in dark areas or where there is a lot of backlight. For clear viewing from more than 10 meters away, we recommend at least 2K to 4K image resolution or an extensive zoom function.

Are there IP cameras with SIM or 4G?

An IP camera with a SIM card uses the mobile network and therefore does not actually need a WiFi network. These IP cameras are therefore ideal for areas where there is no WiFi coverage or where the WiFi connection is not stable. The Arlo Go 2 was released in 2022 and is currently the only IP camera we found with the option.

Can I connect an IP camera to an alarm system?

Some IP cameras can also be integrated into your alarm system. The following brands are suitable for this:

  • Arlo, part of Verisure. For anyone who prefers to have it installed by professionals, Verisure offers an affordable total solution. Can be expanded with smoke detectors, water detectors, etc. Read our entire review under alarm systems, this is our recommendation!
  • Ring alarm system with Ring indoor camera. You can get started with this as extensively as you want
  • Somfy One+ alarm system with Indoor camera. The most compact solution for every apartment
  • Netatmo, without subscription possible to switch off the alarm by facial recognition

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