The Demo House

With a new office come new toys. In our case: lots and lots of smart toys. Best in their price, best on the market. The best, latest and very important: the most functional.

We’ll review and use each product on a daily basis. It will become a part of our office or better: we’ll add it to The Demo House.

Do you want your product incorporated in the office and home of the future? Building a real life showcase in Antwerp? Get attention in multiple countries and custom reviews?

Please use the link to the contact form below and let us now.


    We tested this camera for about a month now and we believe this is a fantastic camera that will work for anyone. We are very excited and thankful for the trust from Arlo to review their products again! Besides reviewing the Arlo Pro 4XL we also wanted to see how this camera works with other…

  • Ajax Systems Comfort Event

    New products introduced by Ajax Systems on the event today; LifeQuality FireProtect 2 WaterStop LightSwitch Socket Plus (type G) Ajax Systems also presents an improved app design to work with all new devices. Specifically a new control tab for automation devices and announced future changes. And more! LifeQuality LifeQuality is a professional indoor air quality…